What does “standard message and data rates charged by your wireless provider will apply” mean?

Question by v.chum: What does “standard message and data rates charged by your wireless provider will apply” mean?
Sorry, I know this sounds silly but Im unsure if that means when a text message is sent to my phone every text message is going to charge me because it cost to have a text message sent from that website. Or does it mean if I have unlimited text messages then I won’t get charged?

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Answer by Amelia
It depends on your phone plot. If you don’t have a texting plot, the company is warning you that every text they send you will cost you money.
If you do have a texting plot though, you will not be charged.

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  1. kstew09 says

    if u have unlimited, no cost, plus you can always text STOP to them and they will cancell the subscription.

  2. evilattorney says

    That means the text is treated as a normal text as opposed to a text for which you have to pay a special fee.

  3. Steve says

    this means that you may be charged by your cellphone provider power text messages you receive if your not on an unlimited texting plot.as far data usage, this refers to megabytes that you use when during the internet on your cellphone.

  4. tooqerq says

    That statement doesn’t say whether or not the website will charge you; but since you have unlimited text messaging, you don’t really have to worry about that statement. (It means that if you didn’t have unlimited text messaging on your plot, then you’d have to pay whatever your cell phone company charges you for text messages + the amount that the website charges (if anything)).

  5. JennyH says

    If you aren’t paying for text messaging on your plot then you will be charged for every text you send or somebody sends you. It would be better to pay the extra 5 bucks a month, then to pay 35 cents a text…or whatever the carrier charges.

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